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Mission Statement

What we believe is that The Kingdom Of God will replace human government.  Jesus is coming back to establish his kingdom on earth.  Zechariah chapter 14:9,  Daniel chapter 2:44, Revelation chapter 11:15, Daniel chapter 7:14 Jesus Came To Preach The Kingdom Of God! Luke chapter 4:43 How Do We Become Part Of The Kingdom? We must be born again. John chapter 3:3-5, Acts 2:38-39  The Entrance To God's Kingdom!  " REPENTANCE, BAPTISM AND A  SPIRITUAL REBIRTH " Acts chapter 17:30, Acts chapter 10:48   SPEAK  THE WORD NETWORK  have a mandate from God to inform the Body Of Christ. We will by God's grace and mercy with uncompromising and purposely informed The Body Of Christ the times we are in and coming into as we go further during these End-times:  Now to the unsaved and those strangling the fence, there is coming an everlasting Kingdom, to be part of this " you have to be born again."

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