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Daryl Roberson

God through Daryl Roberson started Speak The Word in 2020 and  Speak The Word Network started in 2022

Throughout the scriptures, God made promises to his people. He revealed to us by the holy scriptures that the promises God gives you, he is able to give the promise a name. In Luke chapter 1: 13-17.  A promise was made to Zechariah pertaining to him and his wife Elizabeth.  Then the name of the promise was given to him. What's also awesome, instructions on this promise were given as well.   WHAT DID GOD DO TO ZECHARIAH AND ELIZABETH?  He gave them a promise, then gave the promise a name. Then instructions pertaining to that promise. This is exactly what God did to us pertaining Speak The Word Network. THE INSTRUCTIONS:  To talk more about the holy spirit, salvation (born-again), and Baptism.   EMPHASIZE: To emphasize his kingdom, not another Kingdom, his Name not another name


Kedric Rhone

Kingdom Business Operations... My mission is to take this ministry to every household/corporate through out this world.

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